Q: What are the IO-FS membership requirements?

A: You must be single, over 50, and a member of the alumni association of one of the eleven cooperating colleges/universities listed on the HOME page.

Q: Is my membership information private?

A: Yes. At events we distribute a list of the names of the participants at the event, but we don't give out any other information. We give contact information for members only to other members and only with those members’ written (email) permission. We never give out membership information to outside people or groups.

Q: Will IO-FS send me emails?

A: Yes, IO-FS will send you notices of events and occasionally ask for your feedback on specific issues. You can always send us comments using the CONTACT page.

Q: How do I register for, or buy tickets for, an event?

A: Use the IO-FS website’s CALENDAR page to see available events and to sign up for an event. IO-FS sends emails to all members when an event is open for sign up. No tickets are involved for registration events such as receptions and luncheons; there will be a record of your registration at the event. For ticketed events, such as concerts and baseball games, we will either meet you at the event with your ticket(s) or mail them to you. We’ll let you know how you’ll receive your ticket(s) after you sign up.

Q: Can I bring a guest to an IO-FS event?

A: Yes, but guests must be qualified to be IO-FS members.

Q: Do you accept checks or cash in payment for events?

A: Credit cards are required for on-line registration. You can pay by cash, check or credit card at the door for most events.

Q: Does IO-FS store credit card information?

A: No. Square, a respected ecommerce site, processes all credit card sales.

Q: Will IO-FS refund an event purchase?

A: IO-FS will issue a refund for registration events because of emergency, sickness, or event cancellation. There are no refunds for ticketed events such as concerts or sporting events.

Q: Where are IO-FS events held?

A: In Washington DC or in the suburban areas near Washington.

Q: Does IO-FS arrange carpools to events?

A: No, IO-FS can't arrange carpools. Many events are held near Metro stations to make them more accessible.

Q: How are IO-FS operations financed?

A: Event fees pay all expenses.  There are no membership fees or dues. Expenses, beyond the costs of the events themselves, are minimal. Unpaid volunteers do all of the work.